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What can I do on the Secure Documents website?

As a student, you can view, share and download electronic versions of your degree documents (certificates, transcripts and GPA certificates) and secure letters (council tax, bank letters, and other proof of registration letters). Degree documents can also be ordered in hard copy.

As an employer or third party, you can view documents from students who have shared them with you. Students can revoke access at any time. You may also request access from particular students to view their documents, if they have not already given you access, or request a timed extension to prolong your access.

How can I get Help and support?

If you are a former student are having problems logging on, please log a call with the IT Service Desk , or call 0121 414 7171.

For answers to common queries about secure letters, and to log a query online, please see Studenthelp FAQs –Letters

For answers to common queries about degree documents (certificates and transcripts), and to log a query online, please go to Studenthelp FAQs - Degree Documents

Viewing your degree documents

Your transcript will be available to be viewed at any point during or after your study.

Your certificate will be available to be viewed from the next working day after your degree has been conferred at a graduation ceremony. If you have received a non-graduatable award or alternative qualification, your certificate will be available to view 6-8 weeks after completion.

For detailed instructions, please see: How do I view and download my degree documents

Downloading your degree documents

When previewing your electronic documents, click the "download" button in the toolbar to download an electronic copy as a PDF file. Downloaded degree documents display a watermark, and are encrypted to minimise the possibility of the information being tampered with. If they are not accepted by your employer or education provider, you may need to use the connections (sharing) facility instead.

If the Download button does not appear to do anything, please try a different web browser. We are aware the site has compatibility problems with Firefox and Safari browsers.

For detailed instructions, please see: How do I view and download my degree documents

Sharing your degree documents

You can share your degree documents with other institutions or employers online, using the "connections" function on the website. This sends an email from the University of Birmingham to your specified recipient, detailing how they can view your degree documents on our website. The recipient can be confident they are viewing authentic documents because they are accessing them on the University of Birmingham website.

To share your degree documents, please follow these instructions: How do I share my degree documents?

Ordering printed degree documents

To order printed degree documents, please go to "view secure documents", click the menu button next to the course you require documents for, and click "order documents". 

For detailed instructions, please see: How do I order printed copies of my degree documents? This article also includes details about including cover sheets, forms or other documents with orders.

Can you send my certificate or transcript to World Education Services (WES)?

Please see full instructions here: Can you send my certificate or transcript to World Education Services (WES)?

Can you confirm my certificate or transcript is genuine?

If you have a certificate or transcript (original or copy) and you are the person named on it, please email a scan or photo of the document to studenthelp@contacts.bham.ac.uk. In your email, please state that you need to confirm the document's authenticity, and please include in your email your full name, date of birth, student ID number (if possible) and course title. For security verification, please can you also include either your home address at your time of studies, or the name of your emergency contact at the time of your studies. We can then confirm the authenticity of the document by email or PDF letter.

If you are not the person named on the document, please see: Academic References.

What if my course started before the year 2002?

Pre-2002 documents can be ordered from these links: Pre-2002 certificates , Pre-2002 transcripts , Pre-2002 proof of study letters 

Special arrangements

If you studied at University College Birmingham (UCB), and received a degree which was accredited by the University of Birmingham, please order replacement certificates from this link:  Replacement UCB certificates . If you need a transcript, you will need to contact UCB.

If you studied Dentistry (BDS) and completed before 2015, please order transcripts from the School of Dentistry: BDS transcripts pre-2015

If you studied Dental Hygiene and Therapy and commenced before 2018, please email bchnt.sodht@nhs.net to obtain your transcript.

If you require a transcript for a Presessional English programme, please contact Birmingham International Academy. by emailing presessional@contacts.bham.ac.uk .

If you studied Education (PGCE) and commenced before September 2003: We regret we are unable to produce a transcript for you, as detailed module information is unavailable before September 2003. We can produce an official statement confirming successful completion of the programme, but this will not include individual mark information. If you require one of these letters, please order using this link: Pre-2002 Proof of Study letters