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Update October 2018: Changes to the secure documents website

We are currently making improvements towards uploading and sharing documents on the secure documents website. Due to these improvements and the high volume of requests we are receiving, it is advisable to order your documents in advance of any deadlines you may have.

Service Levels during peak periods

We aim to produce your transcript within 5 working days. Please note that at busy times, for example the start of the academic year in September/October and the examination period in June/July, your order may take longer to prepare.

What can I do on the Secure Document website?

As a student, you can manage electronic and printed versions of your degree documents (certificates and transcripts). This means viewing your electronic copies of your documents, sharing online access to employers and other third parties, and reporting any errors.

As an employer, you can view qualification documents online from students that have given you access. Students have the control to revoke access at any time. You may also request access from particular students to view their documents if they have not already given you access or request a timed extension to prolong your access.

I cannot login / I have recently graduated and my University e-mail is no longer valid

If you are experiencing difficulties logging in to the Secure Document website, please contact the IT Service Desk on 0121 414 7171 or online at:


Please note that any queries regarding your transcripts should be directed to securedocuments@contacts.bham.ac.uk


When can I order my transcript?

You can order your transcript at any point during or after your study, however any module marks which have not been through an exam board will not be displayed. Your module mark will instead show as having ‘NO RESULT’ though you may have already received provisional marks from your school/tutors.

Please check with your school for the date of release of your module marks, as this will also be when your marks will display on any ordered transcript.

When can I order my certificate?

You may only order your certificate after your degree has been conferred at a ceremony. If you have not yet completed your programme or have not attended a graduation ceremony then your certificate will not be available to order. This also applies to students graduating in absentia.  

The only exceptions to this are students that have completed a non-conferrable award or non-congregatable qualification i.e. a Certificate of Higher Education, Diploma of Higher Education, Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma.

Enhanced Transcripts – 2016 Graduates

From July 2016 students have the opportunity to receive an Enhanced Transcript that includes not only details of academic achievement, but also a range of extracurricular activities undertaken whilst at University and any awards received.

If you believe an activity is missing from your transcript, please contact your school/the department you completed the activity with to enquire about this. Please contact the Student Guild at skills@guild.bham.ac.uk if you were involved in a guild activity, such as a Student Rep or Student Group Committee Member.


Previewing your documents

Your documents will be available to be previewed once they have been uploaded to the Secure Document website. Please note that there will be a wait after results have been released to when an up-to-date transcript will be available to preview online.

If your results have been ratified by an exam board please be assured that these will appear on an ordered transcript and/or certificate.

Giving your connections access to your eTranscript/eCertificate

If your connection is signed up to the Secure Document website, then you may give permissions for them to view your transcript and/or certificate. You can access the Connection’s permissions by going to the Connections page and selecting ‘Permission’ from the drop down menu.

Here you can select which documents to share and you also have the option to extend access if required by clicking ‘Extend’ under this menu.

Is it secure to share my qualification documents with other people?

Yes. We have taken extreme measures to prevent fraud and make it as safe as possible to share your documents. By revoking access when required and deciding who has access to your documents, you have control over exactly who views your documents, which documents they see, when they see them and for how long. Although these electronic documents have been published by University of Birmingham, they are no longer valid when printed or removed from this website.

How are the electronic documents created?

Upon printing your physical paper documents, an electronic version is uploaded to the Secure Document website. Only specific personnel at the University can print or publish these documents and security measures are in place to stop anyone else accessing your documents. If you notice an error on your documents, please report it.


Does the University stamp students’ degree documents?

It is not University policy to stamp certificates or transcripts. We can stamp scanned copies of certificates if this is required. Please send your scanned copies to studenthelp@contacts.bham.ac.uk to request this.

I need to send my documents with a form. Where should I send this to?

You may send all forms to be included with your order to verifyforms@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Please note that this inbox is checked only for forms and as such any queries sent here will not be addressed. Please direct your queries to securedocuments@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Additional Requirements

If you have any additional requirements, such as your envelope to be stamped or signed please include this instruction within your order. You may do this by selecting the reprint reason as ‘Other’, and enter details in the text box which will appear below.

Can I download my documents?

No. Downloading or using the print screen function to obtain an electronic copy of your transcript or certificate invalidates the document. If you require a scanned copy of your transcript, you may order a physical copy and request that we scan it for you when you place your order. We do not provide scanned copies of certificates.


Who do I contact with any issues or complaints?

Please contact by using the below email address:


Please ensure to include your student ID number or your full name and date of birth